Here at Flossophy Dental we take pride in providing comprehensive quality care for our family of patients. Our office is built from long term staff that make up a passionate team committed to serving the community and building relationships.

Our office uses state of the art technology and materials, our facilities are modern and well maintained, and we are always looking to upgrade and stay current. We believe that staying on the cutting edge is extremely important in the fast and ever evolving dental field in order to diagnose and treat you with a high standard of care.

We want our patients to feel comfortable and assured that they are in a safe and clean environment, so we take great care in implementing stringent sterilization protocols.

Outside of your regular dental appointment there will be emergencies. We consider this an important part of our commitment to you, and will make our best effort to provide urgent care as promptly as possible as your need arises. We are proud to offer evenings and saturdays as part of our normal office hours in order to accommodate your busy schedules.

We are very passionate about dental care. Whether you are looking to maintain your oral health, restore your bite, or enhance your smile, our doctors and staff are trained in a wide range of procedures and are dedicated to continuing education as part of our commitment to excellence. We look forward to meeting you personally and serving your needs!

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