Your first visit to our office is very important to us. At this appointment we will collect relevant information from your medical and dental history, take a set of x-rays, and your dentist will do a complete and thorough examination of your mouth. We will assess your dental needs, sit down with you to review your examination findings, and discuss your immediate concerns as well as your long term treatment goals. At the end of this appointment you can expect to have a good understanding of your oral health and a customized treatment plan that will fit your time and budget.

Either on a different day or at this same visit we may proceed with your preventative oral hygiene session. Your teeth will be cleaned and polished by one of our professional hygienists. Depending on your unique situation we may require additional appointments to complete your cleaning before placing you on a customized maintenance schedule.

Our preventative oral hygiene sessions are one of the most important and valuable services we offer in order to maintain your teeth and gums.

What to bring at your first visit:

  • To save time we encourage you to print and fill out a medical and dental history form from our website and bring it in with you
  • Have a list of any medications you are currently on
  • Have your Dental Insurance benefits card with you
  • Bring any previous dental records as well as x-rays

Just bring yourself! We are excited to see you at our office!