Soft tissue grafting, often called gum grafting, is primarily used to treat recession, or in some cases prevent recession.

Periodontal disease, trauma, and tooth malposition are some of the leading causes of bone loss, which precedes gum recession and tooth root exposure.  When this occurs, the exposed root structure can be sensitive to hot and cold, and if the recession is visible in the smile it can be esthetically displeasing. 

There are a few different types of soft tissue grafting with the main goal of covering the exposed root, and also thickening the gum tissue around the teeth in order to give it more strength and resilience to prevent future recession.

What are the Reasons for soft tissue grafting

Comfort – Exposed tooth root structure can be uncomfortable, resulting in pain when brushing and leading you to avoid that area whenever consuming hot and cold foods or beverages.  Soft tissue grafting to cover the exposed area can protect the root and decrease sensitivity.

Esthetics – If the gums around the teeth are visible and uneven it can affect your smile.  Soft tissue grafting can be used as a cosmetic procedure to enhance and improve the symmetry of your smile

Gum Health – When the gums around your teeth are thin they are more susceptible to trauma, and can allow food and bacteria to infiltrate inside and cause bone breakdown.  Soft tissue grafting will make the tissue thicker and stronger to protect the bone underneath and help prevent further recession and bone loss.

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